Custom Brickwork

At Darius Masonry, our expertise is in creating custom brickwork that brings a touch of sophistication and charm to your home. Our skilled team excels at designing and crafting bespoke brick facades, patios, and fireplaces, ensuring each project reflects the highest standards of quality and elegance. Whether you're seeking to enhance the timeless beauty of your residence or add a unique, personal touch, our services are precisely tailored to your individual vision. We take pride in our ability to handle a diverse range of residential projects, each one a testament to our commitment to excellence and attention to detail. Choose Darius Masonry for unparalleled craftsmanship and design precision, and elevate your living space with our exceptional custom brickwork solutions.

Stonework & Pavers

As designers and master masons, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in stonework and paver installations, tailored to meet the high standards of luxury home design. Our team's expertise is grounded in the precise selection and use of superior materials, ensuring each project is not only durable but also reflects a sophisticated aesthetic. We specialize in creating custom footings, chimneys, gazebos, and more, each designed to enhance your living spaces with a touch of elegance and lasting quality. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every detail, from the initial design to the final installation, highlighting our dedication to superior craftsmanship and professional service. With Darius Masonry, you can trust that your home will receive the sophisticated and durable enhancement it deserves, executed with an unmatched level of expertise and attention to detail.

Custom Concrete Work

Our expertise in concrete services is specifically tailored to elevate your home. We apply our expert touch to every residential project, utilizing only top-quality concrete materials suitable for a variety of applications. Whether you require a robust foundation, an elegant driveway, artistically designed walkways, or beautifully crafted stairs, our focus is on ensuring both durability and aesthetic excellence. Our team has a keen eye for design and an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. We skillfully transform concrete into an elegant feature that enriches your home environment. Trust in Darius Masonry to deliver concrete solutions that not only enhance your spaces with sophistication but also provide lasting quality and beauty

All Residential Services

• Excavation

• Footing

• Foundation

-- Reinforced

-- Rebar

-- Forms

• Grading

• Waterproofing

• Drainage

-- Trench Drains

-- French Drains

• Retaining Walls

• Patios

• Porcelain

-- Pedestal System Installations

• Pool Coping BBQ

• Outdoor Kitchens

-- Brick Veneer

-- Real Stone Veneer

-- Cultured Stone Veneer

• Walkways

-- Concrete - reinforced

-- Pavers

-- Real Stone

-- Polymetric Sand

• Brick

-- Thin Brick

-- Standard

• Masonry Fire Places

-- Interior

-- Exterior

• Demolition

• Underpinning

• Stoops

• Pavers

-- Polymetric Sand

-- Permeable

-- Standard

• Egress Windows

• Basement Entrances

• Fire Pits

• Chimneys

• Real Stone Veneer

• Cultured Stone Veneer

• Bluestone

• Precast

• Stucco


-- Masonry Stucco

• Driveways

• Aprons

-- Belgium Block Inlays

• Curbs

-- Concrete

-- Belgium Block

-- Stone

-- Precast

• Sidewalks

• Stepping Stones

All Residential Services
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